Hampshire County Pool Association

In order to make management of the Pool playing nation easier the EPA have split the country into different geographical areas, called Regions. From 2011, the Regions are numbered one through to eight. It is the Region’s job, primarily, to administer all aspects of Pool within their boundaries and to ensure that the wishes of their members are carried out. There is a regional constitution which states that the Regional committees shall consist of three elected officers, Regional Director, Regional Treasurer and a Regional National Delegate plus delegates sent by the member County associations plus an EPRA delegate selected by the Region’s referees. Part of the administration duties for the County is to organise the Inter-County matches within their County teams and various individual competitions. The regional committees send two of their members, one of which is the Regional Director, to national meetings to form, along with the executive officers, the National Committee. Our home venue is the Academy Basingstoke is now under new ownership, after first being opened in October 1981, and is the best all round entertainment centre in town open 7 days a week. Our newly re furbished, air conditioned venue also now has a large beer garden out the back and there is always a friendly, fun and relaxed atmosphere that welcomes visitors of all ages. Hampshire will use the above venue for all its County Fixtures and Hampshire events in 2016 – 2018